About - A i m e e  M c D o n a l d

 Craniosacral Therapist & Reiki Practitioner

Experience the stillness of Mystic Hands Massage and emerge back into the world calm and invigorated.  Nurturing Mind's, Bodies and Health since 2011.

Re-discover your sense of well-being with personalized therapies that nurture both body and mind. Enjoy an experience that will allow you deep relaxation and peace inside and out.


Aimee  McDonald created Mystic Hands to educate the community on deep relaxation and to bring personal care services to Men & Women. As a Empath,  Massage therapist, Craniosacral Therapist & Reiki practitioner. She integrates a peaceful stillness, Aimee also invites people to choose more consciousness in their daily lives.


During the course of Aimee's journey, massage, medicinal oils and energy and consciousness facilitated a new life path. To begin sharing newly cultivated wisdom, she studied Massage & Energy Therapies at the World School of Massage and healing Arts.  She is a  graduate from McKinnon Body Institute and received the Advance 125 hour Craniosacral Therapy  Program.  She  was ordained as a minister in September 2018. The Nine Rites of Munay Ki by Alberto Villoldo were a great honor to receive. The Shamanic Rites of Initiation.  She received her Reiki training at HCH, The Institute for Hypnotherapy and Psycho-Spiritual Training in Lafayette Ca.


Aimee continues to grow and share her knowledge that she has cultivated on her journey, which is assisting her to open her heart,mind and Body to earth and all beings on this planet & Beyond. The bounty of teachings Aimee has received she shares through Energy & Consciousness.