After experiencing Access Bars with Aimee, I felt more stable in my body than I had in a long time, more secure.  my Aura felt softer,lighter energy easier to move through life. Less tension in my body. Communication at home with my spouse has been so clear and easy since the session. I released limiting beliefs that I place on others and my self. I highly recommend Access Bars. -Temple


I recently bought a gift certificate for my mother's birthday, she's in her 60's. God knows when she had a massage. After her session she felt revitalized and loved every second of the Bodywork session. Aimee is great at what she does and very professional. I would Highly recommend Aimee for her services. -Robert

 TRULY EPIC..Aimee has a true gift, the calm and peace

that comes over me during the session is inexplicable to me.

I love going to see her- the sessions re-center me, and

I definitely feel as though I am able to move energy,

what needs to go and clear my mind and body for

new things to come.

I highly recommend Aimee.
Suzan P.


A few weeks after my first massage therapy with Aimee, I decided to try her Bars & Cranio Sacral sessions.  I've gone to two sessions already and must say that Aimee knows her work.  I admit that I was initially somewhat skeptical. Clarity, rejuvination and overall improved

health are how I feel....after a number of other approaches have failed me.  I highly recommend her bars and cranio sacral sessions.  Thank You Aimee.

Angela P.

Aimee has a wonderful gift as a therapist but also a healer. She has a good positive energy. Which is reflected in her work. She took the time to ask questions about my needs and was very professional. I will be seeing her again. -Becky

Aimee radiates with genuinely good energy! I always thought my body needed deep pressure massages. She has successfully revolutionized the meaning of Bodywork. -Krismin

Aimee is an exceptional healer and her energy work is amazing. I have difficultly fully relaxing and experiencing stillness in my mind. I do love massages, but often only address the physical aspect of collecting tension.. Not the mental. Aimee's skilled work brought me to a deeply tranquil state that was manifested both physical and mental. -Robin


Aimee does a wonderful job. She is sensitive, skillful and a joy to work with. My experience took me beyond relaxation and connected me to my deeper quiet self. If you are on your own journey to self discovery or just want to feel deeply relaxed Aimee is a great resource and catalyst. -Ruth